The Hidden Me

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There is an outer me that everyone who meets me sees. I get to choose how I present that me to the world. What clothes I wear, whether I smile or laugh or not, I can put on the best face possible to make good impressions, I can pretend to be someone that I’m really not. In a way the outer me is an actor playing the role that I have chosen on the world’s stage. I play the part and even get caught up sometimes thinking that it is real. Most people who meet me only see the outer me. They may think that they know me, but they have only met the outer me. They have seen the window dressing that I have carefully arranged. They see the wrapper without ever tasting the food on the inside. They have but seen the image that I have presented.


There is also an inner me that is hidden from the rest of the world. This is the real me that I have to live with. I know the truth about who I really am. The inner me is shy to allow people to see him, “Will they like me? Will they accept me as I am? Will they reject me? Will I be hurt again from those who I allow to see me as I really am? Should I take a chance with this person and allow them to see me as I am?” These are some of the questions that I ask myself. There is an inner dialogue that is continually going on inside my head. Sometimes I wonder if I know the real me at all.


Many people I know do not want to face the real person who they are on the inside. They do not like to be left alone with their thoughts. They continually play music, watch TV, are on the internet, or they are with other people. All this is an attempt to not have to be alone with themselves, that is, the real person that they are on the inside. They stay BUSY, BUSY, BUSY all of the time in order to not be faced with the person on the inside. They only have a passing knowledge of their inner self without ever getting to know who that person really is. Is it that they do not like who they really are? Are they afraid of this person? Why don’t they like their own thoughts?




I have found that I like being the real me. I used to hate this person, but I am now comfortable with myself and enjoy my own company. I now like the person that I am. This opens up a whole new way of looking at life. For no longer do I hide the real inner me with the outward window dressing and play-acting, but I desire for the world to meet this person that I am happy being. I have become transparent allowing people to see who I really am. I am no longer afraid  of being hurt, for I have also become strong. I can display all of my inner qualities for all to see without shame or remorse. In a very humble way I am proud of who I really am. I have learned to love myself for who I really am. I am best friends with ME.


I have labored long and hard to discover how to change and reform the inner me. I have taken care to fill the inner me with positive, uplifting, empowering, motivating, energizing, and spiritual thoughts. These thoughts have changed me from the “me” that I hated and despised, to the “new me” that I love and am best friends with. The Book of Proverbs says, “For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” I have carefully changed the thoughts that I think and have successfully changed who I am.


Sadly many people who I have known for many years still remember the old me, and refuse to take the time to get to know the new me. To them I will always be the old man that they remember. I agree with them too. I hate and despise that old man too. I wouldn’t allow him in my house much less ever trust him or become friends with him. The old man deserved to die a painful death, and I have killed him, and he is no more. It required that I learn the thoughts of God to learn how to do that. That is indeed the subject of the entire Bible, parts of which are used and recognized by numerous religions. The main subject is redemption, that is, to change the old man or woman into a new man or woman. I have found that to be real and personal and not religious at all. I find it to be natural and normal. Anyways I won’t argue with success for I know it works by experiencing it myself.




The new me is kind, generous, loving, caring, full of good deeds, living for others and not just myself. The new me loves nature and beauty in all the forms that it comes in. He loves to meditate and to internalize positive new thoughts that will change him even more for the better. The attitude of the new me is to “take me or leave me based on who I truly am”, and “if you choose to cast me aside, that is your loss and decision, not mine”. I am at peace being who I truly am on the inside. The burden has been lifted and my chains are gone. I am as a lost child or pet who has returned home. I now have confidence and I trust myself.


The secret to winning with people is to be someone that you yourself are comfortable with. Quit being uncomfortable in your own skin. Learn the secrets of change and renewal. You too can put to death the old person that you despise and are ashamed of, and see a birth take place of a brand-new you. I witnessed this miracle inside of myself and I know that it is available to you and to anyone who wants it. It is one of the wonders of life. Just take the time to learn the secrets of how it is done. Life is fair to all, that is, to all who learn the laws that govern life and apply them to their own lives, and learn to live in harmony with these laws. Those who do not do this will have the mistaken belief that life isn’t fair. It is ignorance that binds and enslaves the human race.


So the inner me is clearly seen to all who wish to see him. He will come out in the words that I write and the counsel that I give. In all the words that I write you will find me hiding and also unveiled. I am as a shining light set on a hill clearly seen by all who care to look. I am not ashamed of him, I respect and love this new me. I humbly and proudly present him to you and to everyone else. I am now comfortable in my own skin. I wish this same blessing to all you who read these words. Shalom my friends.


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There Is Nothing Impossible

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One of the main weaknesses of mankind is the average man’s familiarity with the word “impossible”. He knows all the rules which will NOT work. He knows all the things which CANNOT be done. This book was written for those who seek the rules which have made others successful, and are willing to stake EVERYTHING on those rules.


Here’s the thing. There are rules that govern success and winning in life. Since that is the case, we need to learn what those rules are and then practise them. There are few who are willing to spend the time and the effort to learn the laws of success. Therefore, and because of that most of the world’s population is mediocre, poor, lacking in achievement, unsatisfied, and unfulfilled. Many despise and even hate the rich and successful people in this world. They are jealous and envious. Many have turned to crime and even murder to try to get the good things of this world. Many wars have been fought over the possession of money, land, and natural resources.


Yet the laws of success DO exist. But notice that Napoleon Hill said that it was necessary to stake EVERYTHING on the rules that have made others successful. There is a price to pay. It requires that you learn the laws of success and then you put ALL of your life and resources and EVERYTHING that you are on these laws. It will take a total commitment.


This sounds harsh to the uninitiated and unlearned, but the fact is that you really can achieve anything in life that you desire and you can have anything that you want in life as well. For such a great prize, is it not worth the price that is required? The greater the prize, the greater the price. Yet you will be dealing with what you desire more than anything else in the world, so it will not seem like such a great price when you have to pay it. The point that I am making is that you are being offered the ability, the secret, and the power of how to get anything in life that you desire. You do not have to accept second best any longer. You can have the very best that life offers. So I admonish you to make a quality decision to seek the rules that have made other people successful, and be willing to stake EVERYTHING on those rules.


A great many years ago I purchased a fine dictionary. The first thing I did with it was to turn to the word “impossible”, and neatly clip it out of the book. That would not be an unwise thing for you to do.


It’s time to get rid of the word “impossible” from our vocabulary. The only things that are impossible are those things that you say, believe and accept as being impossible. People said that for people to fly was impossible. To fly to the moon was impossible. To cure polio, tuberculosis, and many childhood diseases was impossible. For man to travel faster than 20 mph was impossible. To cross the ocean was impossible. For a man to run a four minute mile was impossible. To fly an airplane across the Atlantic Ocean was impossible. All of these things and many more were called impossible and now have been done. There is nothing impossible. Only those things which are misunderstood are called impossible. The only thing that is necessary is to learn how these things are done and to do them. There really is nothing that is impossible. Jesus said that all things are possible to the one who believes.


Success comes to those who become SUCCESS CONSCIOUS. Failure comes to those who indifferently allow themselves to become FAILURE CONSCIOUS. The object of this book is to help all who seek it, to learn the art of changing their minds from FAILURE CONSCIOUSNESS to SUCCESS CONSCIOUSNESS. Another weakness found in altogether too many people, is the habit of measuring everything, and everyone, by their own impressions and beliefs. Some who will read this, will believe that no one can THINK AND GROW RICH. They cannot think in terms of riches, because their thought habits have been steeped in poverty, want, misery, failure, and defeat.


The greatest thing that you can do for yourself, perhaps, is to change your thinking from failure consciousness to success consciousness. As long as you are failure conscious that is all that you will experience in life. What you think and believe is what will govern and control your life. There is no getting around it. If you change your thinking to success consciousness, then that is what you will begin to experience. Your changed thought and belief pattern will also change what you experience. It will take a lot of hard work, and it will not happen overnight, but you can do it if you want to do it. And the battle will just make the victory sweeter.


You need to stop measuring everyone and everything by your own impressions and beliefs. That is the natural thing to do. But it is also the wrong thing to do. Just because you think or believe a certain way that doesn’t make it so. There are natural laws and spiritual laws that govern this planet. They will be correct and constant for as long as this earth remains. The creator made them and man is powerless to change them. So no matter what you think or believe about these laws, if you think incorrectly about them, then it is your own thoughts and beliefs that are wrong. This will be so 100% of the time. So the wise choice is to learn the laws that govern this world and to change your thinking to be in perfect agreement with these laws.


These unfortunate people remind me of a prominent Chinese, who came to America to be educated in the American ways. He attended the University of Chicago. One day President Harper met this young Chinese on the campus, stopped to chat with him for a few minutes, and asked what had impressed him as being the most noticeable characteristic of the American people. “Why”, the Chinaman exclaimed, “The queer slant of your eyes. Your eyes are off slant!” What do we say about the Chinese? We refuse to believe that which we do not understand. We foolishly believe that our own limitations are the proper measure of limitations. Sure, the other fellow’s eyes are “off slant”, BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT THE SAME OF OUR OWN. 


People are always thinking that what they know and understand are the correct ways things are done. A young boy once watched me washing vegetables in the sink and told me that I was doing it wrong. I asked him why, and he responded that it wasn’t the way that his mother did it. We are all like that boy. We think that the way things are done in our culture, our city, and our family is the correct way to do things. The truth is that this is only the way that WE UNDERSTAND HOW TO DO THINGS. Other people will always do things in their own way and it will most likely be different than how we do it. Wisdom would tell us to observe other people and to learn from them. It is very likely that we can learn something of value from every person that we meet. It is of the greatest importance that we be open to observe and to learn the laws of success, and to adopt them into our thinking and into our actions. Let go of what has produced failure and heartache and embrace what will produce success and happiness.


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