Success and Motivation Quotes

NH 6


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This is the prize that many are after. There is a long drawn out battle to learn all the pieces of the puzzle that compromises your own success. But when the last piece is put into place and the picture is complete, then things will move very quickly. Stay with it. Keep trying new things until you discover what works. Never quit. Keep your emotions charged with positive feelings. You will make it. You will succeed. You will win.


NP 3


These are words to live by. The only sure path to success is to make a firm decision written in granite that will never change. You decide to never quit. Your definite chief aim in life is what you will do and accomplish for the remainder of your time here on earth. All that you need in knowledge, resources, help, ability, and strength will come to you as you take action toward the accomplishment of your dream. They will inexplicably be drawn to you. So just take action and never quit.


NH 5


Your desire needs to be a strong one. Not an ordinary everyday thing or a New Year’s resolution. It has to be a BURNING DESIRE that is so intense that it consumes your thoughts and imagination. It becomes the ONE THING that you desire above all others.


NH 11


If you never fall into the trap of quitting when under pressure, then you will never be defeated. As long as you keep on working toward the accomplishment of your goal, you are a winner. Just keep at it without ever quitting and the results will take care of themselves.


NP 6


Think big thoughts and dream big dreams. Don’t settle for leftovers when you can have the very best. Shoot for the stars. You deserve the very best in life if you learn how the law of success works and you diligently use that law to succeed.


TR 20


As the old saying says, “Keep on Truckin”. Just simply don’t ever quit. Everyday is made up of twenty-four hours. Use them to your advantage and for the construction of your dreams and goals. Everyday just keep working on your dream. You are constructing it. A building is built by daily taking action and doing what is necessary to construct it.


NH 8


Conceive your dream in your own thoughts. Then believe in it and in your ability to achieve it. Then do all of the work necessary to achieve your dream. Continue to believe and to work at achieving it FOREVER. Never quit, never stop, never give up, and never give in. Be a winner. With correct knowledge of how the law of success works and much hard work, you will be a winner in life.


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