Thoughts On Having A Definite Chief Aim

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The best rose bush, after all, is not that which has the fewest thorns, but that which bears the finest roses. (Henry Van Dyke)

What wisdom can be drawn from this? The thorns on a rose bush can prick your fingers and hands, draw blood, and cause pain. If you concentrate on those negative facts about a rose bush, then you will miss the benefits of one of the most aromatic and beautiful flowers that there is, the rose.

In the same manner, whatever you want in life is going to cost you. The price may be time, effort, hard work, temporary setbacks, pain, frustration, fatigue, money, and many other discomforts as well. The question is, Is it worth it to you? With full knowledge of the price that you will have to pay to get this desire of yours, Is it worth the price that you will be required to pay for it? You need to answer this question and decide the matter for yourself, before you ever begin to seek this thing that you desire. Weigh carefully the costs with the gains. You must want the thing that you desire so badly that you are willing to pay any price, no matter how high, in order to get it. The price that you pay must seem as just a small, insignificant amount in comparison to great value your goal presents to you.

If this is not the case with you, then the goal or desire that you have set for yourself is the wrong one. To have a definite chief aim in life is to desire the one thing that is worth more than all else to you. Of necessity your definite chief aim will be different than mine. We are not the same. Our likes and dislikes, our desires and ambitions are all different. I remember a humorous story I once heard. Two elderly gentlemen were talking and one of them said to his friend, “I’m so glad that God made everyone different. Because if he made all men like me, then they would all want my wife.” His companion answered, “And if God made all men like me, then they wouldn’t have her.”

The reason that there are so many kinds of cars, restaurants, clothing, soft drinks, food, breeds of dogs, varieties of flowers, and so many other things as well, is because all people are different. We all desire different things. Your main job in order to succeed will be to decide exactly what it is that you want in life. That one thing that will motivate you to make any sacrifice, and take as much time as is necessary to get it. If you can decide just that one thing, then you are halfway to achieving the life of your dreams. That is just it. You need to have a dream to dream.

You can do it if you believe you can!

So much is said in that small phrase. Jesus said it this way, “If you can believe, all things are possible to the one who believes.” It is in believing that something is possible that all of the knowledge, ability, wisdom, power, resources, material, talent, and anything else that is necessary to make it become a reality, will be released to you. Settle on your dream and then believe in it. Just doing that will win much of the battle for you. There are laws that govern planet earth that are not known by all. Many know of the law of faith, but only few know how to get it to work for themselves. Many are aware that there are laws that govern success, but only few know how they work. Decide right here and now to be one of these people who learn how to use the law of faith and the laws of success. You can do it if you believe you can!

YOU are at the beginning of a course of philosophy which, for the first time in the history of the world, has been organized from the known factors which have been used and must always be used by successful people.

When Napoleon Hill wrote these words, he was revealing the law of success for the first time. He thought that it would literally transform the world. Apparently it did a lot of good while he was alive and able to expound upon it to people. But since then it has fallen into nearly the “unknown” category among modern people. Do you know why that is? After many years of study and thought about it, I believe that I have an answer.

The laws of success are a “deep” subject matter. It deals with not only mental and psychological laws, but spiritual ones as well. It takes most people a long time to understand these things, and most give up before they learn enough to do them much good. It requires learning the art of meditation and deep thought. It requires discipline. And quite frankly, it also requires someone to explain it all in simpler terms than in which it was written. The teaching presented by Napoleon Hill is too concentrated and needs to be diluted with water like Campbell’s original soup does. I started studying these laws many years ago. Sometimes there were long gaps in between the times that I studied them. The end result has been that these laws have become real to me and I can now dilute them, or explain them in ways that people can understand them better. So this is my purpose in writing these books. I am using the best course on success that was ever written, and I am amplifying it, and explaining it in a way that people will better understand.

The known factors contained in this course are the ones that must always be used by successful people. Just as people learned other great natural laws such as gravity, motion, thrust, and lift; so must the laws of success be identified and learned one by one. There is only one set of laws that govern success. When they are learned and put into practice, they will cause anyone to succeed in their chosen work in life. The only limitations are the ones placed there by yourself.


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